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Messing around during "Lockdown"

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Tee Gee:
To pass the time during 'Lockdown' I have been messing around with my photo collection.

Firstly I took all the prints I have taken over the years out of the various boxes I had stored them in and scanned them so that I can store them on my computer.

Its amazing how many photos I have,  more so since the advent of the 'Digital Camera'

Would you believe it I have catalogued around 29k of them ?

This is where you guys come in: I would like you to come up with suggestions on which way you think I should go.

My first thought is to collate all the photos of my Grandchildren and put them on a 'Flash Drive' and give them one apiece so that they can look back on themselves since the day they were born. (At least they wouldn't have to store them in biscuit boxes like I do)

I am also thinking about turning these prints & digital photos into videos.

Yesterday I practised on some digital photos I have taken on walks I often take.

(For those that do not know  I live in the countryside that "Last of the Summer Wine" was filmed in, so I thought I would try out my conversion skills on a few of these!)

Take a look and feel free to give warts and all feedback:

I see this task as a good way to keep the 'grey matter' between my ears fluid during the isolation of 'lockdown' and the forthcoming winter!

 I look forward to your comments! Tg


Amazing. You do more in a day than most people do in a year.

If I realised that I had 29,000 photographs to scan, I'd be a gibbering wreck.

I expect it's like how to eat an elephant - one bite at a time.

Love the idea of giving a memory stick to each of the grandkids TeeGee.   Will look at your links later as busy cooking now, honest.

Or one byte at a time!

You made me look at my Pictures folder on my PC.
Admittedly a lot were my Dad's who spent ages scanning a load of his old pics but I think the majority are mine.
120,000!  350Gb.
First thing that I would say is to make sure you have backups!  Mine are all in the cloud and copied to my wife's PC daily.
These days I tend to just share folders on google (other services are available) rather than do physical copies - and I can cast them to all the TVs in the house if I want to see them BIG...
So for example here is my new house in Portugal with contributions from OH..


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