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Anybody got any nice recipes for using Haws, Hips, etc. Obviously I'm not going to rape the countryside, but there are so many I feel I could take a few. I used to have a recipe for like a summer pudding with hedgerow fruits, but no idea where it is.

I haven't tried making it but I have seen people posting about making Hedgerow Jam so might be worth a Google, hope you find something :)


These both look good.  I imagine you have to strain it due to some of the seeds, remembering my schooldays and having "itching powder" put down the back of my neck - rosehip seeds!

I did that one bumper autumn when the hedgerows were full of haws and hips and I had loads of crab apples.   Crab apple jelly lovely.  Hedgerow jelly awful and a nightmare to strain to be sure all the hairs out of the rose hips make it a long, slow process.

Slow gin is a good one for hedgerow fruit.  I make mine without sugar, it is not necessary.  Have also made morello gin in past years, great Christmas tipple that we diabetics can enjoy too and you can always make it for the rest of the family with sugar in the traditional way and a small portion without.    :wave:


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