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Having a splinter in your hand is not unusual for gardeners , having a 37mm bamboo splinter go down into a finger tendon is really painful , now after ,3hrs in A&E, a course of antibiotics , loads of tests, cut open , 10 stitches  and overnight in hospital the b****y thing has been extracted, hand looks as if i have been shot. Please wear thick gloves when handling canes..

Bloody hell - thank goodness they've got it out, that sounds really quite nasty!

Once whislt on a business trip to Thailand i took a trip to the Japanese Camp on the River Kwai - disheartening place as it was - not much of the horror was illustrated very well but the guide did tell us all that the Bamboo killed many men, well they died from the wounds inflicted by bamboo. so i'm not suprised. it sounds very painful and i hope you are recovering well.

Thanks Nora / gray1720, took the dressing off today. think the surgeon thought he was carving the sunday roast  , was stupid thing i did ... 

Sounds horrendous. And an important warning.
A couple of years ago I got a bamboo splinter in my arm. Not nearly as tricky but went a bit infected and took weeks before it would work its way out. Ended up in Minor Injuries where a good old fashioned nurse recommended Magnesium sulphate for drawing it out. Visit to Boots for a little pot of the stuff and in a few days it worked.
Nowhere near as horrible as your injury but can endorse the dangers of bamboo splinters. Very best wishes for a quick recovery.


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