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Jpeg photos from iPhone not loading?

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Deb P:
I gather this is a common problem with the newer iPhones, but this forum only accepts jpg photos and all of mine are now saved as jpegs with no way of altering the file extension to get them posted. Is it possible to get JPEGís on the accepted file list for the forum please Dan, or has someone found a work around for this problem?

If you can download to a computer you can then change the file extension to .jpg which will solve the issue as a work around

Deb P:
Thank, yes I was hoping to avoid doing that, I hardly use my desktop computer any more! I thought Iíd try doing it on my Kindle Fire, but that way it wonít access my photos to upload them, so I canít do it that way either, at best it just gives me a link to an ĎAmazon albumí! Arrgh! So annoying!

I just upload to and post them from there.
It is really simple to use and they appear in line in the post..
Like this

Admin aka Dan:
I've made a change, try uploading a jpeg now, and cross your fingers ....


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