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Low-priced tiller - what a game changer


My "questions asked" to "suggestions offered" ratio on this forum is appalling so here's an attempt to redress things.  After endless moaning about trying to break up my clay-based soil no matter how much compost/manure I added, I cashed in my pension to get an 18v cordless tiller. It's probably one of the smallest on the market but its performance was excellent after the sun baked solid parts of the plot the other week, it even broke up easily parts that have been compacted solid for years.  40 minutes on one charge and I reckon it will take no more than a few days to get the whole plot done nicely... compared to the never-ending struggle of boulder breaking with a fork and bag after bag of soil improver.  I'd always been wary of the cheaper end garden gadgets (burnt before), but as they say, if only I'd found this 15 years ago. Thoroughly recommended toy for the plot.

Deb P:
What make is it? Iíve got a Mantis but always struggle to start it.....🥴

George the Pigman:
Now that sounds what I am looking for. I have a petrol 3.5 HP tiller that is now too heavy for me to handle . An old Mantis 4 stroke that is an absolute pig to start.
If you buy two batteries you could add an extra 40 mins on!

Itís from The Handy Range. Never heard of them before. They have a website and I got mine from a local garden centre.

Iíve had a log splitter made by The Handy for about ten years. Itís powerful and solid and has never given a momentís trouble.


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