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Winter radish

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I planted some black radish (white flesh) because it said they would grow over winter, they are now becoming massive.  I've grated them up into coleslaw, I've cut them into sticks and used in a stir fry. Any other ideas?

Tee Gee:
Leave them in the ground and harvest as required!

I am doing this, Tee Gee. I just pulled one today as it was half out of the ground, it's around 8 cm across!

Was Googling recipes and this tickled me "The black radish is a tough introduction to the winter radish family; it is a total dick."

Tee Gee:
I must admit I prefer Mooli to Black radish and it holds its own in the 'taste' bracket and there is no need to cook it!

Use them as a cooked vegetable, peel , cut in chunks and steam.  Very similar to turnip  :wave:


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