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Grateful for suggestions for good yield/flavour for pot-grown blueberries. Will be my first shot at this so other tips would be much appreciated. Many thanks

I tried them once but was unsuccessful. I think my failure was simply not having a growing medium that was sufficiently acidic.

They require a very acidic and we'll drained soil. In a container I suspect the easiest approach would be to purchase a good quality ericaceous compost.  Adding sulphur might help achieve the required acidity, but I regret I have no idea on the correct dosage rate.


Tee Gee:
I agree with Beersmith about the acidic soil it wants to be around pH of 4.5 - 5.5 although I have never tried growing in pots.

You might pick up up some ideas here;

Having said that the compost the compost I purchased this year which killed off most of my plants had a pH of between 5&6 so buying an ericaceous compost might achieve the results you want!

 Here is some info on adjusting the pH;

Hope this helps!

Agree with all as above. When I have seen them grown commercially, in pots of about 50 litres, they are piped up with a trickle system. Good drainage and constant irrigation seems to be their method.

I too agree with all the above, the main thing is to ensure acidic compost and grow in a large enough pot, a friend grows them in dustbins.  There used to be a lot of information online from a nursery in Dorset who both sold the plants and had a pick your own business too.  The berries were wonderful.  These days they only concentrate on the PYO side and all the growing info has disappeared from online sadly but it was basically acidic soil and rainwater only for watering if possible.  They have similar requirements to Camelias as they grew them too.

Sorry there is no link to post any more! The PYO would be useful for tasting different varieties but I think the season will be over now if you are near.  Good luck


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