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Raspberry canes ...minimum spacing


Need to replace 15 year old raspberry canes and want to put in autumn fruiting variety. The space is only 6’x6’ and the previous holder had crammed a number in...but reading up on it, the advice is 20” between canes and minimum 5’ between rows. Any problem with 3’ so I can get an extra row in?...I don’t mind squeezing between them to maintain.  Also, suggestions for sweet juicy varieties would be appreciated.

Leaving aside whether it's a good idea to use the same space for raspberries immediately again ...

I'm very pleased with my "Joan J" which has lovely large, deep red and juicy fruit. They'd be even better with a little more care than I give them. I bought six plants ten or eleven years ago and they now occupy a bed 14' x 4'. I planted them about 18" apart and used the most errant suckers to finish the row the next year. They rapidly form new clumps out from the row.

Access for maintenance isn't really a problem as all you have to do is cut all the shoots down to ground level over winter. I weed, feed and mulch them then (they haven't had much weeds in among them). You need to decide how you are going to support the canes and get the framework in. I've tried various things and haven't got a satisfactory set up yet.

Access for picking is the issue, so the question is whether your 6' x 6' has clear space around it (grass, path, whatever) or is squeezed between other fruit bushes or such.

I think I'd put in six plants in a double row (2 x 3) at 24" each way.

Thanks for this. I have clear space around the bed so access is not an issue. I know late autumn is the time to do this but any issue in doing it during September? Many thanks

I too grow Joan J and they are amazing, mine are about 12 years old but still fruit very well from July to November!  I started with a row of 15, I now have two rows about 4' apart.  The second row have appeared from suckers, I have grass in between and mowing that keeps the other suckers down so it looks like I planted them in a straight row!

I can imagine the only problem with planting in September is that you may lose the fruit on them, they are usually supplied bare rooted when dormant.  I remember planting mine the week before Christmas.

Many thanks. Tulipa. Joan J it is.


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