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lottie lou:
Yay got loads and some of my best except sticking fork through. Recipes for confit suggest cooking on low heat( slow cooker?). Will this temperature be enough to kill any bacteria - warnings of storing garlic in oil previously. Also when cooked and jarred do I need to hot bath it to seal. Thanks in advance.

The idea of slow cooking is that the garlic maintains its form whereas fast boiling would disintegrate it.

I did mine, long and slow, just on the hob and then hot bathed it and now it's in the fridge.   I just did 2 jars as insurance but Tee Gee's drying and airing method - hanging upside down thru a wooden pallet - has worked really well and the rest of the crop is fine but I may well confit some more cos afterwards you get all that lovely flavoured oil.   

lottie lou:
Thanks Obbelix. I usually grow loads and it keeps well. However your confit sounded lovely so thought I would try. Was concerned about dire warnings of storing garlic in oil mentioned a few years ago and wondered if temperature of oil would be high enough to kill any.

In the past I have used fresh garlic cloves to flavour olive oil and it has gone a bit manky sometimes.  Same with some of my herby versions too so I'm hoping the confit method will work better as the garlic will be cooked thru.   i've done the same with a  big sprig of rosemary heated slowly in a litre of olive oil and that seems to be working well.  Good flavour and no mess once strained.

unless it is well vinegared garlic in condidered kow acid and needs pressure cooking, a waterbath is not enough


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