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Netting Vegetable bags from Aldi


I like seed saving and tend to end up with the windowsills and radiators covering in piles of beans.
But Aldi sell net bags for 25p.  They are designed for weighing veg so as not to use one off plastic bags.
I have bought quite a few, and hope to dry the pods off in them.  I can have a neat little rows of bags hanging along the radiators.  Then if the beans fall out they are in the bag and not all over the carpet.  Then I can hang them up hopefully out of the way of mice. 
I left quite a few beans in my car and a mouse got in and ate them.  There must have been a hole because when I cleared the car and sold it, I never saw any mice.  So I lost some of my favourite HSL stocks.
One year I had boxes but the pods at the bottom rotted off, and another my husband got helpful and put them all into one box and muddled them all up.  Since then I have only grown one of each seed type so I can tell them apart.  So the bags should help with labelling as well.

Sounds like a nice neat and well organised way of doing it. My only worry would be if too many were in the bag they might stay damp in the middle and go mouldy, a bit like in the bottom of your trays. Will be interested to hear how it goes.

Any chance of you joining this year’s seed circle?!

It has worked like a dream.  They have dried off very well.  They net bags seem to let the air in well.   And no beans falling on the floor.   Everything in the bags feels good and crispy.  I prefer to leave them in the dried pods until I sow them next  year. 


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