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Common Sense prevails - Eviction news


Well as you can tell from the title my friend is back in situe on the Allotment.
it has taken a lamentable 4 months to persaude the Charitable Trust that she had the law on her side. We had no movement until i asked for the chairmans email address and all of a sudden the tone of emails changed.
Firstly i may add they still tried to convince her to except another plot on another site.Tempting her with free rent for a year. 
the site sec is still in office claaiming it was a clerical mistake. BS.
still no apology for me.
but i have time to wait.

fight injustice wherever you meet it what ever colour or creed it might be.
Nora - burnt at the stake, force fed at Pentonville, shot by Nazis - all in former lives.

Great news Nora.  Well done - but do keep an eye out for repercussions rather than an apology.

lottie lou:
Well done you

Great news.... were you having a rest at Peterloo Nora?

I have come to this thread a bit late... It is good someone was willing to stand up to the 'allotment police' , our allotment  committees have gone down the 'dictator' approach in the past , and i was on one such, for many years, but i eventually forced a change of officers that including me. But now i see the same happening again.. over zealous , ignoring the constitution , running the site like it was theirs. i am a big thorn in their side at the moment, other members  just stay out of any criticism, so it just continues ..

Well done Nora.


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