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Hi Ya, I have lots of photos and downloaded more only yo find I cannot open them to full screen. I will try to attach here and see what happens.

Hi Again, cant open up fully just shows thumbnails. I do get a message that says invalid for registry? No idea what I have done or how to correct it. Any help would be welcome and I wonder if others can open it , Thanks

The basic photo is a very small size.  I can open it but that is only slightly bigger than the thumbnail photo.  If you start by uploading a slightly bigger sized photo, then it will open bigger when clicked.  It is nevertheless easy to see, even at the small size.  :wave:

Hi Ya, I can resize but when posting mae them small. I have been taking photos of a period of work and used to be able to click on them and then run from picture to picture in file. When I click om the pictures in any files now it tells me *invalid value for registry* I have no idea why it wont let me open them. Thanks all from a very confused person

Your image attached shows its size in kilobytes & pixtels :54.61 kB, 248x187
Your computer is displaying at the appropriate size to give an acceptable image quality. If your images are of this quality , you will not be happy to 'blow them up' bigger.
If you can take photos at a higher resolution, then larger images will be acceptable. Hope this helps.
This site does not accept high resolution images due to data restriction
As advised:
"Allowed file types: txt, jpg, gif, pdf, mpg, png
Restrictions: 30 per post, maximum total size 5000KB, maximum individual size 3000KB"


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