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Allotment inspections return

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One of the sites in my borough has sent out a message that inspections will start again on July 1st. Apparently some dirty plot notices have already been sent out.

At least one other site has had no such communication from the borough (according to the secretary) so nobody knows whether it's the borough policy creeping unevenly through the channels or just some lone apparatchik chucking his weight about...

The tone of the note is terse and quite peremptory - clearly implying that perfection is required with immediate effect - no consideration of the fact that many tenants have been unable to visit as much during lockdown due to legally imposed suspension of services and suppliers - public transport, no shops selling gardening supplies etc. etc. Obviously some people have been spending more time at their plot - so there's a complete spectrum of fall-out

Is this happening anywhere else?


Deb P:
I would have thought that with the wide ranging effects of lockdown on people’s health and limitations on their ability to cultivate, any threats for failure to cultivate should be unenforceable . Should be being the operative words! May common sense reign hopefully.

I had been keeping an eye on an old mates plot as he was proper locked down with complications. Like his wife would not let him out. Now he is knocking it on the head and given up the plot as he has room at home to grow. We all agreed to keep an eye out for those that could not get to their plots and stop inspections this year, not that it is really strict inspections, just a quite word if you really let it go as there is a waiting list and they would rather see the plots in use. Surely there should be a bit of leeway this year everywhere.

Tiny Clanger:
The Tidy Police out in force again.  I strongly suspect that our BC wants to do away with our site as we are sitting on around £14 million of housing land - and the road structure runs right up to the site border on one side.

Nothing at all on my site nor my wife's and we both have waiting lists.  However both are run by the members, mine being private and OH's being self managed. 
We have one guy in his 90s suffering from dementia and frail after a stroke last year.  He cant do much but sit and poke about but his daughter does a bit and other members have been secretly planting stuff for him and tidying up..  One of the last things we did before I left the committee was to tell his daughter that his plot is his for as long as he wants. No one is getting chucked off either of our sites this year.


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