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Changing location - by over 1000 miles

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Congratulations to PEanuts and Nick!
Wow it's all happenng.

I don't have any family here aside from my wife.  My sister is in Egypt and her kids are all over the place including Portugal so I don't have any concerns myself.  My wife's mum is still around and that has been hard but she has come around and will visit often.  We will of course miss our friends and all plots and our work colleagues but we have loads of room for them to come and visit and we will pop back every now and then ourselves. 
The benefits however outweigh these issues.  A warm climate, loads of space for fruit and veg, cheaper food, massive amounts of house (there are three kitchens and another kitchen area!), 50 mins from Lisbon, clean air, a river beach nearby.....  We will keep and rent out our London house so unless we want to we never have to go to work again - there is plenty of work for us there as it is though!
We will get residency and then hopefully citizenship in time so we will benefit from that..

I hope it all goes thru to plan and that you will be happy there.

We moved 800km from our old home in Belgium to get a warmer climate and easier house for our retirement.  It came with even more land than the old one but we definitely wanted countryside and not village or town.    Our daughter is still in Belgium, finishing her studies this year and was then all set to work in Belgium or set off and travel, neither of which look likely now.   

You'll probably get loads of visitors to start with but it is important to integrate with locals so you have year round contacts and a social life plus places to go for help and advice on local stuff.    Learning the language is a great help too.   Have to say we avoid like the plague the kind of Brit who's been here for years and still can't speak French and sticks to English friends and habits - wrong mentality. 

I will do my best to learn the language but it is a hard one!  A lot of Portuguese speak English but that wont be an excuse and we are looking at options for learning at the moment. 
The place we want is about 5-6 km out of town but 500m from the station to get to Lisbon so we have countryside, town and city all within an hour of our doorstep.
There is so much space too.  There are two houses and one house has a couple of flats under it so we have space for B&B or visitors.  Trying not to get too carried away as there is much that can go wrong between now and then. 

The picture with that lemon tree looks amazing.  All that in exchange for renting out your London house.  That's a very good idea.  Place looks well connected too.  As for language learning there is always Duolingo.  Is Portuguese much more difficult than Spanish?



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