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Changing location - by over 1000 miles

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I've been thinking about this for years and we have finally done it and put an offer in for a place in Portugal.
All being well (and god knows if it will be), we will be out of the UK by the end of October and living the good but hard life in a warmer climate.
We are buying 6 acres near a town called Cartaxo - near a river with lemons, oranges, peaches, vines and loads of other fruit.
It's scary and exciting but we have a plan and if it all comes together i'll never work a day for anyone else again!
Here's some pics if you are interested...

Best of luck!

Tee Gee:
Best of luck Nick

Who know’s you might have to come to A4A members for fruit pickers rather than photo entries! :glasses9:

Looks impressive... must visit Iberia... never quite made it yet...

looks fantastic lucky you hope all goes well 


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