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Impressed by Aeron Purple Star runner bean

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Looking back at old posts I see Big Gee originally offered seeds of the Aeron Purple Star he bred here on A4A. About six or seven years ago I think.

I asked for seeds this year and so growing them for the first time. Iím really impressed so far at their vigour and early pod set. IĎve got them by the side of Galaxy and Firestorm which are both varieties which are supposed to be crosses with French beans and so set pods early -  but APS is beating them both hands down.

Itís making me want to save seeds if I can. Would be interested to know if anyone has successfully bagged runner bean flowers to stop them crossing? Or any other methods?

Of course we havenít tasted them yet, but so far so very good!

Yes, I have bagged them, but found the faff with taking bags off and handpollinating, then putting bags back on repeatedly quite difficult.  And I have found out that some (like Painted Lady) do quite well bagged and just shaken a bit, while others really would have needed the daily handpollinating too.   

If you live without other runners being grown in your neighbourhood and these are surging ahead, it may be an idea to allow only this variety to flower initially and take early flowers from the other varieties off.  You only need a few pods for enough seed for yourself.  Then all can provide you with beans later on once the early pods have set and been marked.  :wave:


Thanks. Needs to be quite a big bag too, I think.

Good idea to take flowers of the others off. Another year I could perhaps stagger the sowing more.

I've been bagging chilli flower clusters and find that fruit setting is quite low, so I can imagine it could be patchy with the runners too. More shaking required I think.

Hi Ya, I have been growing Aeron purple for about 4 years. I sow them earlier than the other varieties and have managed to save some pure purple seeds. I look for the pure purple pods to save but will admit that they re getting scarce. I was a member of the Aeron vale website and corresponded with Big Gee and others quite often. I liked the web site he put together. I found the site started to decline and I have often wondered did I miss something, what happened to the site?, what about Big Gee?, is the site called something different? I know they were having problems with some yuppie idiots on the plots. I would be interested to hear of any news, Where did you get the seeds from JanG. I will search for the site again as it may of been resurrected. Any info would be most welcome. Thanks

The website closed, Big Gee is quite active on facebook under the name of Gwilym Ab Ioan.

I don't know who grows the seeds now that Rob (who had an isolated farm and grew all the seeds) sadly and unexpectedly died   :wave:


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