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greenhouse water collection from gutters

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Does anyone have a way to collect rainwater from greenhouse gutters without buying a proper kit? I don't mind how it looks, just needs be functional. I have water butts at the end of guttering but gutters do not extend enough. I have tried all sorts of methods which are not very good.

There was an episode of Garden Rescue in which the Rich brothers fixed a similar short guttering problem using short pieces of guttering sloping down the shed side in a descending Z shape to guide water into a container.   This was a kids' play feature but you could surely use the idea to extend guttering to your water butt?

Assuming that your greenhouse is built to give fall to the chosen end, then you need a brass hose union barbed piece*, a small pack of epoxy paste(Such as Repair Metal for Good), a drill bit of size to suit (1/2"), a sufficient length of 1/2" hose, a Jubilee clip.
Drill a hole about 2" from the low end of the gutter, from the top surface. File a slot across the hose union threaded piece to allow water to enter the spigot. Bed the union into the hole from the top with the epoxy paste. Form a ball of a second dollop of the mixed paste of sufficient size to fill the end of the gutter at (both) ends to prevent leakage. When set, attach the length of hose to fixed spigot and apply clip carefully.Place the other end directly into butt. This will enable the gutter to fill under rainfall, and then trickle into the pipe and thence into the butt. Keep fitting clear of debris.

This is how we did it using standard plumbing bits, the long run was the side where the gutter drained the "wrong" way so we needed to take the water against the built in drain slope

Tee Gee:
I was given a Water butt complete with fall pipe fitting but my problem was I could only rig it up on one long side of my Greenhouse so to fetch the gutter on the other side of the greenhouse into play I had to make a few DIY alterations.

I did this by drilling a hole in the gutter stop end on the gutter I wanted to connect to the system, then I fitted a piece of standard " hosepipe into it (Pic1)

Next I fitted the hose pipe into some sliding window channel I had kicking about then I put the opposite end of the hose into the fall pipe fitting (Pic2)

This was the finished job (pic 3)


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