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critter on my chilli


Please could someone identify this critter on my chilli? I've been removing them, but wondered what they are, and if my plant is doomed or ok

OK. I'm no expert but since nobody else has, I'll say the obvious - it looks more like a maggot than a caterpillar so it might become a fly - the question is why it ended up living in your plant. Is it a pest or just lost?

By now you should know if it is a problem - hopefully not.


Looks like a lacewing pupae to me, leave it alone and it will have gone in a day or two.

Unless evidence to the contarary it does look like a lacewing pupae and one of the good guys.

Are they really that small? (I'm still assuming that's some kind of J-cloth - on the other hand it could be a beach towel, so - are they really that big?).

Sorry, watching too much Buffy at the moment - great show but encourages snappy/snippy juvenile dialogue.



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