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I seem to have grown a LOT of garlic. What on earth am I going to do with it all?

Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---What on earth am I going to do with it all?
--- End quote ---

One suggestion would be to chop/mince it up mix it with water then place the mixture in 'ice cube' containers and freeze them!

Then when you cook anything that you want to give a garlic flavour to, throw in one or two ice cubes.

Two; Save the biggest cloves for re-planting in October/November!

Three; Garlic stores quite well in a dark cool situation!

There I have made a start to the list!


Four: eaten raw in sufficient quantity it is an effective social distancing measure.

You could confit it in oil.  Olive for me but a good organic British rapeseed oil would work too.  It's what i'm planning to do with a lot of mine this year as last year a lot of it didn't store well in the long heatwaves and it looks like we're starting another one now, just as I'm thinking of harvesting.

Another trick is to bake bulbs whole after cleaning them and then squeeze the contents of each clove into a sterilised jar, knowk out any air bulbs and cover with oil.  However I find this messy so am trying confit.

You can freeze them very well, 2 ways, freeze them as individual cloves with their skins on,defrost when wanted then sqeeze and the flesh comes out quite soft, the other way is to peel them and freeze them whole, you can use these from frozen, they slice paperthin and they will also go through a garlic press. I prefer the sencond one. I keep them in a glass jar in the freezer and use them all the time


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