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The risk of a sting is fairly low - we had hives on our allotments for a year (moved on in the end because people made a fuss...) and AFAIK only one person was stung, and they were still quite happy to have bees there.

I know that last is fact because it was me! Stuck my nose in my compost "E" just as one flew out, and the poor thing flew straight into me...


One must allow bees to gain confidence in one being around. They are territorial and will react to newcomer scents in the first instance on a war footing. Over time they accept that no risk to them is forthcoming and relax a little, unless upset.
 Wasps are more militant and i believe can detect fear in us.
Bees here are treated with due respect and given every assistance.Wasps are not.

Why not?  Wasps are useful predators of other pests we don't want and they only sting if you upset them.   I haven't been stung since one landed on my ice lolly when I was about 9 or 10.  That's a lot of decades ago.

I agree wasps are harder to love but do a good job. OH was stung on the tongue once.. she took a ripe mulberry off the tree and it was on the other side!


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