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At the bottom of our garden we have a gazebo, it has a nest box attached to it, where we like to have a glass of wine in this nice weather. But alas, no more as the bird box has been taken over by Bees, lots of them    :blob7:
These bees are quite small, about 6 mm with odd ones been a bit bigger. So my questions are, do all bees sting or the bigger question is, is this a permanent residence or will they eventually go. I don't want to do them any harm if they are going to go somewhere else soon.
Any help on this matter would be appreciated as I know nothing about bees.


Just leave them alone and they'll be fine and so will you.  They only sting if they feel threatened and then they die so it's a last resort.   You could try planting some bee friendly plants such as lavender, rosemary and borage to make sure they leave you alone.

Thanks for the reply.  They seem to be enjoying the Red Hot Pokers that are in full bloom.


Alan, we have bees living in damaged part of our house ( cannot get supplies during Covid).....they  Are all around us In garden and no problems :)

This site is helpful

Hi Alan... rarely a problem... I saw red when I saw bees in the pests section....
I have two large rosemary bushes almost blocking the doorway into one of my greenhouses.. very popular with the bees and have never been stung in over thirty years.
You could contact the local beekeepers as from the size they might be honey bees.. they would certainly take them away if they were or identify them and let you know if they weren't how long they would be in residence


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