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Vermeer's girl with the Pearl earring

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OH, (sadly no longer a girl) can't wear earrings at work (NHS) put some pearl earrings in yesterday but lost one on the lotties. My friend lost his wedding ring within months of getting married ( I was best man) in @95. The ring turned up, literally, when he was digging his plot a decade later. Have any of you lost valuables that later turned up? I lost a set of keys about 5 years ago which turned up in a friends plot.. I had let him have a sack of compost domesticus when he couldn't get any during lock down. I fear the earring may be gone for good!

Deb P:
Oh no! I guess you have a large area to search.....know anyone with a metal detector?

five plots... may take some time. Always told the jeweller they should make them in threes!

Lost wedding ring here too.  Drove everybody crazy looking for it.  Through the sports centre for fingertip search after the house and the garden, the car - nothing!  Until I did another garden job which needed gloves.  There it was back again on my finger weeks later.  I had taken the gloves off and the ring must have come off inside - phew.    :wave:

I lost a pair of Oakley sunglasses down the plot.  I have no idea what happened but about 6 months later after I had dug my spuds up I just found them on a path between the beds.  Pretty good nick as well.


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