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Eviction from allotment

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It does seem unethical as well as unfair, even if there wasn't a Covid crisis requiring special tolerance for allotment holders unable to get to their plots.

Keep a record of all correspondence and phone calls.  Send a registered letter to the head of the trust and, if it does all go pear-shaped for you, report it to the local paper and the council department responsible for allotments (even if it isn't one of theirs) because this sort of behaviour will only flourish if allowed to be kept hidden.

Just to update you.

The Trust has a new CEO and has compleatly backed his staff on the matter. He is claiming that the process was begun before we were locked down and therefore is valid. this is not true they emailed her at the wrong adress on the 25th March and gave her until the 24th April to pay or be evicted for non payment. She has been evicted for non payment.  i have argued that the method of delivery of the eviction notice is invallid, never giving her a chance to pay. They belive it is not.  the Trust have completly ignored the crime of breaking into her tool box. almost as if they are denying it it ever happened.

I have since had an email from a Barrister who deals in contract law and he agrrees that the landlord has acted illegally and that that if it went to county court the judge would throw it out. so hopefully we can contact our Landlord on Monday and tell him that the Trust it's employees and the site secrectary are in the wrong and have acted illegally. i do understand this will mean my name will be mud, but after my disatorous tenure as chair i really dont care. i do of course care about the threat of evition but don't really see how they can justify bullying the whistle blower if they are found to be wanting. ill place a small vet here that they will still argue they are in the right.
Thanks for all your encouragement, it's nice to know some people care. mostly on our site people are aware of what has happened but we are all nervous and so pehaps understandably nobody wishes to join me in my friends defence.

Are there not more of you who think the committee has done wrong and can be counted?  Shame to let bullies get away with such behaviour.

Good luck either way.

I sympathise with you. I would have tried to help a friend out too, in what seems to be an unfair eviction. I would not expect a fair manager of plots would do this. The trouble is that there is quite a lot of back stabbing and competition going on with people who are in charge and their"friends". I have had my allotment for 15 years and have been sickened by the cliques that exist. I am the only woman on the plot and you would think I did not exist. If my husband comes to my plot on passing they all seem to have a remark to make, like ' Has she got you doing some work'. or some such. They often say to me, things like, why doesn't your husband come down to help you etc. etc. I have entered the allotment by walking through another one, which cuts about 20 mins off my journey. I walk straight down the other plot's path to the end and then on to mine. He has decided to fence it off. Oh but he has not told me. One of the other nice people shouted out to me " Has told you he is blocking his path off so you will have to go the long way round" Not only me uses this entry to the allotment. We have been using this way for years and years with no problem. As if that is not bad enough his site is covered with Maires Tail which comes under the fence onto my plot.I spend ages pulling it out every time I go down ther, putting it in a dustbin and then having to burn it. I was hoping that the allotment people might be nice. There are a few really nice people but there are some real two faced ones. I feel your pain.


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