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During covid 19 our rent letters went out late. A friend of mine never got hers and so she assumed the delay was due to covid. the first anybody knew about this was when a young couple arrived and forced the lock on the storage box and began to work on the plot using the tools. I interviened, the box is now on my plot, and rang my friend who told me that she had never received any tenancy aggrement or notice of eviction. All hell has broken out . As my friend is self issolating she couldnt get to the plot so i have decided to try and get t o the bottom of this. The site secratry said she had hand delivered the tennancy aggrement but all emails had never had a response. it turns out the emails if ever sent (who knows) where sent to the wrong email address even thought the site sec had the correct one on previous occassion.
The site sec never tried to phone or Ask anybody who knew this lady where she was?
My friend has now been told that her plot has been rented out. i have been told if i persist in this manner, questioning the actions of the site secretary in trying to contact my friend, i will be evicted too. i only want them to expalin what resonable steps they took to contact her.
Her plot was not really neglected considering her mother was diagnosed with dementia two years ago and sadly died on Thursday from Covid. this is why i tried to sort things out for her.
The box cost 135 and there were about 200 of tools in it. My friend gave me permission to take them and keep them safe for her. i am being made to feel as if i am the nasty person for doing this.
All seems a bit harsh i understand nothing can really be done my friend had the plot for 5 years and not surprisingly for the first time in a long time the site is full. Did i mention the new couple might be related to the site sec.


If the site is actually owned by the Local Authority, I think your friend has a good chance of getting their tenancy restored.

My site is "field managed" and the committee look after day to day issues like evictions, but we have had guidance from the LA that during the crisis normal rules need to be handled with great caution.  We could probably still evict for non payment of rent, but evictions for non cultivation are currently suspended.  In fact it was only recently the LA actually permitted people to attend and cultivate their plots.

Your friend's case sounds perfectly reasonable, but I fear you will get nowhere dealing with the site secretary.  You need to appeal to a higher authority. Hopefully that would be the LA but if not perhaps the site owner might take a more reasonable view given the exceptional circumstances.

Good luck.

And if these people broke into the locked tool storage then that is criminal damage.

Also the NSALG advice to Societies is very clear that during Covid plot inspections and the like shouldn't be used to evict tenants

Thanks for your replys - there is something very fishy going on . I have appealled to the Charitable Trust which owns the land and they are not budging. if i continue to defame the site secretarty i will be evicted too. next complaint is to the Trust themselves, you never know but i still feel that this situation is nufair and i'm right to chuck my self under the bus.


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