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Hi Ya, I have been advised to use soapy water with a splash of teat tree oil in it to soak my pea seeds before sowing to keep mice away. I have also heard of using paraffin but the smell would put me off I think. Also rhubarb leaves soaked in water overnight. I have comfrey liquid would do? I would be interested to hear how everyone else combats these annoying little things. Happy gardening

With a sharp rap on the back of the neck...
Unless you are really overrun with them you shouldn't be getting much damage now... only my first couple of sowings seem to suffer. There is enough other seed/material around for them now.

Tee Gee:
I find sowing this way best;


Hardening Off

Planted out

Little nippers at home for field mice.Have caught at least 25 since my post regarding in September?
 Peas sown in 'square' section gutter, courtesy of my neighbours skip ( brand new 2metre lengths in UPVC!!)Cut in half, drilled for drainage and end pieces cut to fit.
More Little nippers at plot for voles and field mice. Sad but necessary. Successes left on gate post for the daily Red Kite patrol. Seen up to 4 at once this Spring (Kites)
Would recommend this for anyone interested in birds of prey, particularly if you have a pigeon surplus.


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