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The Results are in and the winner is Jaybee with Picture Five

Well Done!!

The Winning Picture from Jaybee with Thirteen Votes

In second place with Twelve Votes Picture 15 from Saddad

In third place with Eight Votes Picture 4 from Saddad

In fourth place with Seven Votes Picture 7 from Obelixx

In fifth place with Five Votes Picture 13 from Obelixx

In sixth place with Four Votes Picture 6 from Nora42

We have 2 pictures in joint Seventh Place with Three Votes

Picture Twelve from PumpkinLover

Picture Fourteen from Peanut

In eigth place with Two Votes Picture 2 from Ed Dibbles

We have 4 pictures in joint Ninth Place with One Votes

Picture Three from TeeGee

Picture Nine from Peanut

Picture Ten from TeeGee

Picture Eleven from Jaybee

And finally with no votes but nice pictures as well

Picture One from CarolineJ

Picture Eight from Ed Dibbles

Thank you all for taking part I loved all the entries

And I appreciated the clever take by CarolineJ with Picture One  :toothy10: :toothy10:

Tee Gee:
Well done Jaybee

Definately a Sign of Spring and I liked the Spring Garden theme in yours Saddad.

Glad it turned out there was at least one vote in it as I wouldn't have liked to be the one to choose a winner from the two.

Thanks to the other entrants their photos cheered me up in these trying up!

Well done Jaybee.  I loved your sheep.

Some good entries in there and some humour too.  Well done everyone.

Yes there is nothing like a lamb and its mother to suggest spring.  Also extremely well photographed.  Congratulations Jayb!  Happy spring all despite the circumstances.  :wave:

Well done Jaybee... worth coming second too...
The primrose bed was mostly self set under my apple trees.. and the primroses are now superseded by Solomon's Seal.


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