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Can anyone identify these weird 'flowers'?

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Happy Easter folks!  I found these two strange stems/plants in my garden (South Wales) yesterday. When I touched them clouds of pollen were given off. Never seen anything like it before.  Any ideas?  Sorry, the photo has been turned on its side...

Tee Gee:
My first impression is Mare's Tail

I can see what you mean TeeGee but I have a vague memory of something else... might come to me later...

Equisetum equisetum - close cousin of mare's tail with thicker stems and usually grown as an ornamental bog plant in pond margins.  Not as bad as the weed but not one to let loose either.

Thanks guys, yes - Equisetum equisetum would seem to be right.  I also have the thin and wiry mare's tail in my garden unfortunately.  So that's two nuisance weeds to get rid of.  Much obliged for the identification!


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