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Best soup I ever tasted

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She made a cauliflower cheese, for some reason enough for a family of six. I did not want to have to eat it for the next 5 days. Bunged the remainder in the liquidiser with a dollop of cream and a chilli pepper, Magic! I will still be eating it for 5 days but much more enjoyable, More like a hot cauliflower cheese smoothie really.

Yorkshire Lass:
That sounds a good idea - cauliflower cheese soup.  I have cauliflower cheese in the freezer so that's soup for a couple of days sorted.

Having no cauliflower spare I made brussels sprout and cheese soup. That was jummy too.


--- Quote from: pumpkinlover on March 30, 2020, 09:46:02 --- I made brussels sprout and cheese soup.

--- End quote ---
Don't stand near a naked flame  (;

OH likes sprouts but I canna thole 'em.

I do like cauliflower tho, as soup, with cheese, as a crudité for dipping in mayo, smoked mackerel paté or hummus, roasted with chic peas and harissa, as a tagine with olives and lentils. curried cauliflower........  I draw the line at using it to make a pizza crust tho.


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