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Sorry for the delay, yes folks here is the 2020 seed saving circle thread, jump in and shout if you wish to join.

For those who havenít joined in before some information to help you decide if you would like to join ;
The Seed Circle is open to all A4A members, itís great to have new people join too. The group is all about setting aside a little growing space and time to raise some crops for seeds, keeping the group informed of how the season is going and at the end of the season sharing some growing information and the all-important saved seeds with the group.

Each person decides what 2 or more crops they will grow and save seed from (although we do inc. tubers, bulbs and cuttings just make sure they are well wrapped so they don't dampen any seeds), saving enough seed for every other member to grow a crop the following year. The group could be up to 20 people.. Veggies will generally need to be heritage or open pollinated so that they will come true from seed, (potato seeds wonít come exactly true) if you include grown out hybrids please state this clearly.

I think most of us have found out, some vegetables are easier than others to grow from seed and everything can change with the weather. But generally peas, French beans, tomatoes, perhaps potatoes and some herbs are the easiest. Chillies, Sweet peppers, squash, courgette and lettuce will need isolating from other varieties to keep seed pure.  Parsnips, onions, leeks, beetroot, carrots, celeriac and many brassicas only go to seed the second year and need isolation from other varieties and so are more time consuming and a little trickier.

Real Seeds gave the idea for the circles. Their site gives some great seed saving tips as well as being a great seed catalogue

For anyone interested in the previous years Seed Parcels and what we finally shared from 2017 onwards they can be found at
For anyone interested in the previous years Seed Parcels and what we finally shared from 2016 and oprevious they can be found at

And some previous threads for the Circles;
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Could a kind Mod please pin this?  :wave:

Count me in  :icon_cheers:

markfield rover:
Me too!

And me! :happy7:

Hi folks hope you are all keeping safe and well. With everything that is going on I hope you are raring to save lots of seeds.

Just wanted to let you know I am handing over the circle baton (as of now) to JanG who I am sure will be fantastic.

Take care and stay safe


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