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Hi Ya, Not sure if this is the right place but here goes. I have spent the last hour and a half making some sausages. I had the skins in the freezer and got my Kenwood chef out that I bought 4 years ago or more. I used pork belly, no extra fat, minced apple, didn't realise how much juice there is in one apple. Used medium hole gauge but it kept blocking so upped to large holed gauge, what a difference, The skins were a pain to set up but I got there. I know I should of put spices in but have left that to see how they turn out. I will not use pork belly again as I found it so stringy and kept blocking the strainer. I am a newbie to this and as the weather is rubbish and I am retired I thought I would give it a go and do more sausage making etc. If any one has some advice for a beginner then please I am up for all I can get. I enjoyed playing and the sausage doesn't look to bad. Left them to dry a bit then will string them. I will let you know how good or bad they are. But any tips, advice most welcome. The paperwork that came with the mixer was not good and comprehensive enough for me. I did find out I had the cutter the wrong way round which didn't help. I made some burgers once and all liked them. I enjoy cooking and this is another string to my bow. Cheers all.

Yorkshire Lass:
Gosh you're brave making your own sausages. I'm sure they'll be delicious.  Sorry I can't advise but you look as though you've suceeded. Looking for something to do this morning I,ve just made some parsnip and apple soup with a hint of chilli which we'll have for lunch

Hi Yorkshire lass, Parsnip and apple soup, I make carrot and coriander and considering parsnip. Swap recipes with you. Happy eating

Having found some very rare lamb's liver in the SM and cooked it for dinner last night (Venetian liver and onions with sage) our sweet potato tagine I had planned has morphed into soup for lunch.

I bought a sausage making kit in 1990 cos the sausages on offer were so poor but then we moved to Belgium where there is no rusk and none of the mechanically recovered crap and loads of variety.  Not as good a range here but still proper meat but I think you have to mix pork shoulder with pork belly to get a good sausage and then herbs, spices, leeks, onions, apples as you see fit.

Hi Ya, Well couldn't resist and fried one up in the pan using some fat free spray thing. I must say it tasted fine to me. I think it could of done with some onion and pepper. Still it has given e some hope. Watching a film it was said to use shoulder rather than belly pork. Will have a look and see. I must admit I threw a lot of fat away as I am not that keen on fat anyway and was surprised at the amount there was. Will try soe tomorrow with chips and a bit of brown daddies sauce. Happy eating yum yum


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