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Voting Open for the Christmas Charity Photo Competition

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Time to vote for your favourite photos

The winner of this competition will get to choose a charity to receive a 40.00p donation

You have ONE VOTE in this competition

Voting will end in a 7 days time

The picture numbers are ABOVE the picture

Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three

Picture Four

Picture Five

Good luck to all the entrants and thank you for entering !!

Loved looking through the entries, lovely pictures and so different, it makes it harder to choose.
Thank You Daveyboi for organizing and for your generosity.

So hard to choose between any of the photos as they were all so good.  Good luck to all who submitted them

Clearly  shouldn't go away for Christmas!  Blink and you miss it, with only 10 days from beginning to last day for entries.  I would have entered but too late.  Nice photos, everyone.

I missed the entry too, by a couple of hours... and the extension by about the same... was only going to use the Lavender path picture which I posted in December anyway....


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