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Thought I would do this again

Last year Thrive was the charity chosen by BarriedaleNick

The subject is quite simply "ANY PICTURE TAKEN DURING 2019"

I will donate 40.00p to the winner's choice of charity as a reward.

Hopefully we will have some lovely pictures to choose from.

Entries to be in by end of the day on the 30th of December please.

Either send me a pm with your picture or email to me at ramjamman at hotmail dot com (make sure you include your user name if using email please)

What a lovely thing to do Daveyboi   :wave:

First entry received thanks

Second entry in
 (pumpkinlover  and Barriedalenick received)

Please send your entries ASAP thanks

I now have 3 entries Will leave open until tomorrow evening (1st Jan)  for others to send any picture taken during 2019

 (TeeGee, pumpkinlover  and Barriedalenick


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