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getting your dough to rise


We have no problems during the rest of the year in the conservatory but a cold snap usually puts a mockers on it. Solved the problem with one of those microwave warmed wraps that you use for aches and pains. Put the proving basket on top and bingo, lovely bread.

Ive got a lavender one of those.  Might make for an interesting loaf!

I put the proving basket for my sourdough bread  on a shelf in the bathroom  - it's the warmest room in winter !

Tricia  :wave:

I recently tried a recipe for spelt bread using a poolish (starter) which can be left in the fridge overnight.  Never tried such a thing before but it worked brilliantly and is the best bread I've made using yeast and wholemeal flour of any type.   They've always been too heavy and dense before this.


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