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Recommendations for North-facing wildlife planting please

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Here it is in all it's current underwhelming glory. As you can see, there's further work in progress hiding at the other end - I need to finish washing my pots, and to find somewhere to put all the far-too-nice-to-throw-but-what-the-flip-do-I-do-with-them stone slabs I inherited from the previous owner. Amongst myriad other things...

10 months on and it's looking a lot better! The Zinnias went in a gap that I couldn't explain... until I remembered one day, when I was looking at the dwarf buddliea I'd planted elsewhere, was meant for... the dwarf buddleia! Dunno yet whether I will shift it, or get another one. Wally!

The rose flowered as well - Maiden's Blush, a really old-fashioned highly scented rose, with a magnificently dodgy name in French. Why leave the obscenity to the vegetables?

Zephyrine Drouhin is another rose that's good for a north facing spot. Pink flowered, thornless (mostly) and scented.

Tee Gee:
Here is list that might give you some ideas.;


Not more plant lust!

Actually, seriously, that looks an amazing resource - thank you for posting it!


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