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Cheap cold frames & other things (W Mids)


I'm on a posting roll  ;D

Castle Hardware is a trade-only place. I'm not sure of the exact conditions for joining, but they once jokingly mentioned that they take accountants etc, so if you are local to Birmingham and are (or know anyone) self employed and/or in the trades, they're deffo worth checking out, especially at the moment as they have a sale on and gardening gear appears to be most of it.

From memory (so apologies if i get anything wrong), timber cold frames £15, self watering hanging baskets £3, giant bags of compost £2, vermiculite £1.75, 20x pricking out pots 70p. They also have all sorts of gardening tools, propagators, pots, consumables etc. And if the other half doesn't like gardening, they have several isles of homewares (e.g. Brabanta thingies), and most of the place is dedicated to power tools etc.

Castle Hardware
Park Rd
Birmingham West Midlands
B18 5JA

Tel 0121 551 6021



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