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Hi All, I have a lot of photos and information on my laptop. I am considering linking it to our main computer if this os possible to do. Can it be done and if so how do you do it? is it easy as I am no computer buff. I take it that if I link them all the stuff on my laptop will be loaded on the main one as well. Any advice would be most welcome, thanks

I have always loaded onto a memory stick and transferred that way.  :wave:

As you admit to not being very tech savvy  I'd go with the suggestion made by galina. Simple, reliable and you can keep the stick in a safe place as an additional back up.

There are other possibilities. If both machines access the internet through your home WiFi they may already be in a network. This, with the correct settings and permissions would allow each machine to see drives and directories on the other machine directly. In Windows this is known as a home group. You could set one up if both machines are running fairly recent versions of Windows. (Your wifi device will need to support internet protocol version 6.) A different set up would be required if using other operating systems.

On second thoughts. Go with the memory stick.

Sign up for a free cloud based storage service upload to  that on one computer and download from the other. The storage will be there again as needed.


--- Quote from: hippydave on November 24, 2019, 08:20:51 --- The storage will be there again as needed.

--- End quote ---
But will it?
You are completely at the mercy of the server/cloud provider. They give no guarantee of immortality. It is a fast moving environment. Have you provided your login details as a codecile in a will ?
Much of the value of family photos is to subsequent generations.


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