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Is it a bit wet up there

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Looking at the newsreel pictures it would  seem quite a few of you have filled your water butts. We had a few showers but I have never seen the clouds so black, it looked like smoke.

Some areas have been badly affected. Chesterfield was in gridlock yesterday due to flooding.
It's not raining today but I'm waiting till next week to hopefully get on the plot again.

The site I use for the local weather forecast (western France had a little side bar yesterday evening reporting on extreme downpours and flooding in Sheffield with a video enttled "Minis are not amphibious" of some eejit in Sheffield driving one into a flooded road junction.

I hope those of you up in the flood zones are safe and dry and your lotties haven't been washed away either.

Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---I hope those of you up in the flood zones are safe and dry
--- End quote ---

Can't say we are "Dry" as such but living at the top of the hill helps!

At least we are not flooded!

Sorry for those people at the bottom of the hill! :sign17: :sign19:

There's been so much rain here overnight that there were lakes in normally dry fields this morning.  Odd, because neither our pond nor the lake in the village has yet to reach full levels after the long summer drought.

Can't imagine how awful it is for those being flooded or at risk of flooding and worrying about their failies, pets, posessions and homes.


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