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Having problems finding garlic bulbs this year. Think Wilko have stopped selling them. I believe Dobbies have a good selection but nearest store is 20 miles. Any suggestions?

If you aren't averse to ordering online or mail order, Kings Seeds has a decent selection. I plan on ordering mine from there.

Try This.
I've just received 2 bulbs of Extra Early Wight, and look lovely large plump bulbs.

Our local Wilko's has garlic for sale but the bulbs are tiny . I would not buy them. Remember the bigger the clove the bigger the final bulb. I save my own biggest bulbs from this years crop to set in fact yesterday I set 200 including 30 elephant garlic . The elephant garlic alone would have cost me 45 . Try D.T. Brown, T & M, Suttons, the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm take your pick.

I buy online from Tamar Organic as they stock "Sprint" my preferred variety which the bigger suppliers don't have. They also have seed varieties (like butternut "Tiana") that I don't see elsewhere.


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