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Laurie is it today we should be sowing?

I think Laurie said the 19th but not quite sure I did mine this morning and put them in an unheated greenhouse 

According to a lunar calendar I sometimes use to organise my gardening jobs, apart from the 10th, any day upto and including the 19th is good for sowing seeds.  Other than the 20th, the next week is good for planting and taking cuttings too.

Needless to say I had today all planned out for spring bulbs and sowing sweet peas and broad beans and got rained off.  Months waiting for rain and it came today.  Typical.

   Am I too late to sow them now ?   Maybe wait till Spring now ?   Debbie  :coffee2:


--- Quote from: woodypecks on November 09, 2019, 19:39:43 ---   Am I too late to sow them now ?   Maybe wait till Spring now ?   Debbie  :coffee2:

--- End quote ---
You would need a propagtor now I think as unlikely to get a prolonged mild spell. Mine are doing okay including the self sets outside that I covered with a cloche


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