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Every morning for the past two months, I have been locked out of my Facebook.  I get the following message, though the location is different every day: 

Your Account Is Temporarily Locked
We noticed a recent login from an unfamiliar location. Please review this login and let us know if this is you.
about an hour ago
Bristol, United Kingdom
Chrome on Windows

The log ins have been from every part of the UK.  I get asked by Facebook to change my Password and I am getting really fed up with this.  Yesterday I went into my account security settings but couldn't find anything that could be causing this.  It really is a nuisance and thinking up a different password each day is a chore in itself.

Can anyone throw any light on this problem please and has anyone on here experienced the same thing?  I am at my wits end with this now!

Why on earth should you not be able to log in from an unfamiliar location?  After all your facebook account should work on holidays as well as at home.   I have no explanation, apart from the above is clearly nonsense. :BangHead:

I will go and look whether there are two of you, ie your account has been cloned without your knowledge.

But I am the least knowledgeable person around when it comes to fb.  Hope you get some decent replies.   

There are 3 others with the same name, none of the others have sent me a friend request.  From the outside it looks normal.  Hope you get a reply and resolution.  :wave:

Thanks Galina.  I just looked through the Facebook accounts of people who have the same name as me and gave up after 20 or more, as there are so many.  I don't think anyone would have cloned me.   It's really puzzling!

Deb P:
Are you sure these requests are actually from Facebook is my first thought......🥴


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