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Thanks Tee Gee.  I still can't get on with big blousey Dame Edna glads but I do like the daintier Byzantine types.

When I click on the Society stands link I get Trade stands.....

Tee Gee:

--- Quote --- if other than the standards are the others just one plant or multiple plants in the same pot ?
--- End quote ---

They are all one plant per pot ( or at least they should be)

I recall an incident years ago when  I was disqualified in a show for a similar incident.
In my case the schedule asked for 5 stems of Spray Chrysanthemums and I usually took 6 or 7 stems with me to the show in case any were damaged in transit so what did I do? I inadvertently put in 6 stems. hence the disqualification.

So if these Fuchsia judges were doing their job then yes! One plant per pot!

I hope that answers your question!    Tg

Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---When I click on the Society stands link I get Trade stands.....
--- End quote ---

Sorry about that! as you can see above I have put the same link in twice so here is the new link that should complete the set!

Thanks Tee Gee.  That Vegetable Society display is amazing.  Just imagine how much onion soup and bhajis you could make with those!

Lovely photos Tee Gee. 

I am not normally a fan of large flowers such as gladioli but the colours of those shown in the photos are really beautiful.


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