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Harrogate Autumn Show


Tee Gee:
Went to the show yesterday and as usual I took loads of photos here is a few to be getting on with,more to follow

Not sure if this will work as it is the first time I have used this software, if it doesn't work I will try and resolve it tomorrow......will some one confirm to me if it working or not!

I get not found on server.

Tee Gee:
Sorry folks I am having trouble putting the photos up!

Since my computer was 'hacked' a month ago and I had the disc cleaned I have had no end of troubles!

I do not know what version of windows that was uploaded but which ever one it was it is not happy with all my previous contents!

I have tried to get into my Flickr account....can't!

I have also tried joining  Imgur and Imageshack but had no success.

I am at my wits end with this bl**dy computer that I am considering throwing it over the tip and giving up simply because I don't think replacing it would help, after would think that after a clean out it would be as good as new ...but it isn't!

I can't even work on my own computer content because my editing software is not compatible with the new software that was put in after it was cleaned!

So once again...Sorry folks no photos I'm afraid (but I more than likely will keep on  trying)


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