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Spare tomato seeds


Mrs Ava:
I have managed to acquire quite a collection of tom seed from various sources, including some from Denmark.  Now, I don't have masses of each type, but if you fancy a go, and I have no idea on viability until I start growing them, then let me know.

Yellow plum - obvious really
vintage wine
christmas grapes - cherry
lemon tree - yellow
banana cream - yellow and almost banana shaped
golden queen - yellow cherry
berner rosen - swiss beefsteak
green zebra - yellow/green striped tom, green inside
black plum - mahogany plum from russia
Roma - italian - good flavour
marmande super.

As I said, I don't have masses of seeds, so if interested, frist come first served  ;D

Now, if any of you have any Kohl Rabi, celeriac or celery seeds that you no longer want, those are oddities that only I like so haven't invested in any seeds. ;D ;D

Hoorah for allotments!

Mrs Ava:
I have sent you a personal message flower baby  ;D

Tomato seed alert!  Cleo, although much more discerning than to grow them anymore, was offering poor unsuspecting people 'Moneymaker' the other day, for which I castigated him severely.   ;D ;D ;D

However, he might be well interested in some of the seeds you have, might be worth emailing him, just in case?



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