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Hi Ya, I was looking up aminopyralid contamination, the search answer was 71 hits. I would like to put them in date order with the most recent first. What happened 10 years ago is not the information I was looking for. Is it possible to put them in date order with the most recent first? thanks for any advice

If google is your friend,and Firefox your browser, see:

Hi Ya, thanks for the reply ancellsfarmer. I think I have been misunderstood. When I said doing a search I meant on the site here. I am no computer buff and only do basics. I do use google to do general searches. When I searched on here the posts were all mixed up with 2008 then 2011 then 2009 then 2011 and I just wondered if they could be put on date order so the most recent show first. Or do I sort that though google? what/who is firefox. I must admit the computer at work used to say I was a computer user not trained. Thanks anyway.

If you want to do a search on A4A it's sometimes easier to use the main search located on the main bar (home, forum, help, search etc) rather than the small search box on the top left above news, there are a few search options to choose. . Scroll down and select most recent topics first, then click search. Hope this helps.


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