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I took the dog to the vets for a check up to see if he was fit to have the family jewels removed. Op will be next week but I am sure he already knows. He has stopped coming up for his pat on the head and is just staying out of the way trying not to be noticed.

He'll be the better for it and won't remember.

Our Labrador has been limping.  He's 9 or 10 yrs old so likely a bit of arthritis but, as it happens, he's torn his cruciate ligament and needs a major op to fix it.  Major holiday period here and we have to wait for the orthopedic specialist to get back.   Op on the 23rd then and physio afterwards.   We haven't told him.

Best wishes for both ops.

David Diss:
If he shares your own sense of humour, he's bound to see the funny side!  Hope all goes well...

It'll be good for him.  When we adopted Bonzo he was between 2 ad 3 yrs old and very frightened of anything new, big spaces, sky instead of ceiling over his head.........  He was also entire.  Neutering helped a lot to calm him but he's still daft as a brush.

When does your wee chap get done Ace?


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