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Anyone out there making cider Iím looking for tips on brewing and ideas on anything related to it.

What varieties of apple tree are you growing?  Or at least what varieties of apple can you obtain in sufficient quantities to produce the unfermented apple juice?

You are unlikely to produce a traditional cider from a modern dessert apple, nor a modern sweet light cider from a heritage cider apple.  The apple type will be a big influence on what you can do.

This question  reminds me of our early married days back in 1970s.  We used to make homemade fruit wine, soaking the fruit in water.  One year we prepared lots of apples from a glut, probably a mix of Bramley and James Grieves, which is what we had. We used a large black plastic dustbin, left it covered outside, stirring occasionally,  but at some stage completely forgot all about it. Weeks later we remembered, tasted it, and hey presto, we had produced a quite respectable "cider" .  We drank all of it!  Never done it since!

A mate of mine does it - he collects lots of different types of apples from friends and neighbours to get a decent brew.
Gets a couple of mates round to help as he has to manually chop them up and then presses them - he had to buy a small press but they are reasonable.
Then the juice goes into demijohns to ferment.  That's it! 
Lot's of work and mess but done in a long afternoon - 7 gallons he got last year.

Locally we have the Garden Cider Co,
which is a crop-share scheme
There may be others across the country.Perhaps members can share their knowledge with us all.


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