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pump for trickle water feature


 Need advice on where I can get a solar pump to make a small water feature for the frogs/newts (and me!) on my plot. I want to set a bowl into the ground in a shady area, with a wire 'lid'  and cover it with large pebbles, so that the water trickles over them into th resovoir.  All the pumps  I've found online seem to send water at least 30 cm into the air. Does anybody know of one that won't, or will having to position the panel away from the pump so that it's in the sun automatically reduce the pressure?  Any advice welcome.

How is a solar powered pump going to work in a shady area? But if you find a way  most pumps can be modified to suit the task. Put a piece of perforated hose on the outlet and cover with the rocks and gravel so the water seeps up through them and trickles back to the pool.

Look to increase the size of the hole in the outlet jet. Pump volume will remain constant, larger hole means lower pressure means less height. Another method would be to attach an airstone, such as used in an aquarium, to increase the area for discharge, thereby lowering pressure.

Many thanks for the advice Ancellsfarmer. Oops as though you've solved the problem for me.

Oops indeed! I meant looks.🤣


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