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Are there any current Colony - MCPC users out there?


Colony have upgraded their software and i am looking for user experience of the change?  Any comments please?

I hope someone is able to help, but I fear your question may go unanswered.

The demographics of allotment keepers is biased towards the retired, and even those that are regular computer users may be a little too frugal to purchase allotment management software. I find I can record / track / plan everything  about my allotment that I need using nothing more than an Excel spreadsheet.

No but you made me look at it!
It looks great but frankly it would be overkill for our site - we manage it using paper and excel!

Yes, it is mostly used by Councils and some independents, to manage larger amounts of information... i agree the spreadsheet is perfect for the local level!

Tee Gee:
This is how I plan my gardening and allotment tasks;

It has served me well over the last twenty years since I got my first computer!

Plus it is FOC


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