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wanted - seed potatoes

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Do you have (literally) one or two spare seed potatoes looking for a new home? I don't have room to grow a whole kilo bag, just want a few to experiment with!

Early croppers please of any variety.

I'm willing to pay postage and a little extra as I don't have much to swap!

Only just seen this - of course! - a couple of Red Duke of York and Anya - let me know - soon. = Tim

no problems - I've got some organic Charlotte, duke of york, ambo (2nd early) - if you want a couple of each I'll pop them in post tomorrow - e-mail me your address

In the post today! = Tim

got mine off today too - a pity my husband is up with me in the north at the moment - we have a yard about 2 1/2 miles away from you aquilegia - could have dropped them off!!


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