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--- Quote from: hippydave on February 13, 2019, 17:46:35 ---hmm Citra one of my favourite hops.

--- End quote ---

I like a bit of variety, but if I was forced to pick just one, I reckon citra would probably be top of my list.

Not sure I have enough experience of hops to pick a fav but I do like citra in beer.
Currently trying a few SMASH recipes and Marris Otter/Citra is on the cards.  I love opening the vacuum packed hop bags - the smell is amazing. 
My first go hasn't turned out too bad.
Good mouth feel and nice head. Refreshing and light but far too bitter on the aftertaste and a bit of a taste of treacle.  Still in all I was happy with it.
Just about to bottle the 2nd lot and then on with the Marris Otter/Citra SMASH at the weekend.

Beersmith - your mini keg looks amazing.  Once I get my technique and process sorted then I'll be looking to keg too.

We have made a couple of brews, but we used the facilities in a local shop that allows you to 'rent' the use of their Grainfather and temperature controlled fridges.

We made an Irish Red first, then an Exmoor Beast recipe, then a Christmas ale, and our most recent was a Baltic Porter which was yummy!

We love doing it, and it's a fun day out as we get to visit the local pubs during the brewing time!

Must book another..... :blob7:


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